About us

Today ANID company is one of the leading manufacturers of polymers in the Russian Federation. It was founded in 1997 when the company united a group of scientific specialists of the highest level whose significant experience was estimated in decades.

In the previous years numerous scientific decisions and innovations were acquired, and various chemical processes which constitute the firm basis in today's research and production activities of the company were studied.

We work with the updated data and we use modern international approaches to achievement of the maximum result. It allows us to produce the materials competing with productions of the USA, Europe and China. Our clients trust us both in Russia and abroad.

ANID polymer materials are applied in space and war industries today. The largest state organizations know us as the fair supplier of the major polymers.

From the very beginning ANID company has been private. It allows us to keep our developments and achievements, to go forward with confidence predicting our development for many years.