Management policy

Development of our company in relation to the quality of our services and products is based on constantly increasing requirements. ANID accepts this challenge as a great chance to successful expansion of our share in the market showing our readiness to participate in the competition.

The management policy of our company oriented to clients, employees and to the proper production process.

We follow steadily our main goal that is to supply high-quality polymers on fair price.

All management decisions are made on the basis of the idea of the maximum possible quality taking into account impacts on the environment, environment protection and process safety laws.

With a view to keeping bases for the quality of our products and services in the future we have developed the integrated documentary management system which is based on such elements as:

  • – Quality of materials
  • – Environment protection
  • – Production safety

Interaction and functionality of these system elements provide long-term and successful existence of our company.

Anid LLC company involved its suppliers into the management system as the quality and reliability of their services guarantee satisfaction of our clients.

All the supplied chemical materials are exposed to the sampling verification that is supplemented with the automatic quality control system.

Anid LLC company goes above and beyond to carry out wishes of our customers and to meet all the quality requirements. In such a way we create trust and the basis for long-term cooperation.