The organization structure of our company includes the following departments:

Innovation department

The tasks of the innovation department are development of new polymer materials and modifications on their basis, research of plastics properties and their improvement. The specialists of the innovation department also carry out chemical analyses of polymers and the analysis of their physical and mechanical and other properties in the laboratories.

Department of quality control of output products

Purposes of the department: compliance of the output products quality to the reference documentation.

Control of products appearance:
– colour;
– freedom from inclusions;
– granule size;
– vacuum packing.

Technical department

The main task of the technical department is keeping the equipment in working order and its modernization.

Customer service department

The purpose of the department is to offer the product to the customer which will satisfy his request at the most and to provide information support on use of the acquired materials.

Procurement department

The main task of the procurement department is purchase of qualitative chemical raw materials from manufacturers.

Security department

– information security;
– corporate security;
– economic security.

The organization structure of our company has the following advantages:

– achievement of the high level of specialization;
– control of each type of activity;
– optimization of the stuff of functional departments;
– implementation of innovations.