Comparison of polymers

This section contains information on the main polymer materials which we produce.

Selection of material

Our materials differ on properties, conditions of their use, processing methods.

If you need the high-quality constructional polymeric material exhibiting excellent strength and antifriction properties, the highest dimensional stability and low susceptibility to temperature deformations, then we can offer you Polyamide 610 Molding (PA 610 L) and modifications on its basis.

If you need the constructional polymeric material exhibiting good physical and chemical properties, but bigger, in comparison with Polyamide 610 Molding, susceptibility to destructions from external environment influences, then we can offer you Polyamide 6 (PA 6). This polyamide is widely used in various areas because of its rather low price and sufficient properties. The material can be modified by various additives and fillers.

Comparison of physical and mechanical properties
of Polyamides PA 6, PA 66, PA 610

Indicator PA 6 (OST
PA 610 (GOST 10589-87) PA 66 (TS 6-13-0204040-51-90)
Impact strength at
samples with cut, kJ/m²
Breaking alongation, % ≥7010020
Bending stress at
specified value, MPa

There are also spirit-soluble polyamides with rather low melting temperature such as PA 6/66-3, PA 6/66-4, PA 6/66/610.

We also offer copolymers of polyamides with special properties such as AK 80/20, AK 93/7.