Polyamide 12 (PA 12)

Polyamide PA 12 represents a product of polymerization of ω-dodecalactam in the presence of water and acid catalysts or laurolactam. It is issued in pure form and in the form of compositions with addition of plasticizer and dyes.

The chemical formula is [(CH2)11C(O)NH]n. Each chemical chain of this monomer contains 12 atoms of carbon.

Polyamide PA 12 and compositions on its basis are often applied in vehicle manufacturing and aviation industries as constructional, electric insulation and antifriction materials. Depending on the melt flow index this polyamide can be molding or extrusion. Tubes and various seals are also produced from Polyamide 12 by the method of extrusion.

Polyamide 12 and compositions on its basis are resistant to oils, fats, hydrocarbons, petroleum products, alcohols, ketones, formic acid, water. They are dissolved in the concentrated inorganic acids, fluorinated and chlorinated alcohols. Products from Polyamide 12 and compositions on its basis work at temperature from -60 to +60 °C, and temporary - at temperatures up to 120 °C.

Indicator Value
Density, g/cm³ 1.01
Melting temperature, °C 178-180
Breaking alongation, % 200
Water absorption, % 0.25