Polyamide 6/66-4
Spirit-soluble (PA 6/66-4)

Polyamide PA 6/66-4 represents products of polycondensation of caprolactam and hexamethylene diamine adipate in various ratios.

Polyamide is resistant to hydrocarbons (kerosene, gasoline, etc.), ketones, esters of oils and alkalis.

Polyamide PA 6/66-4 can be processed by injection molding and can be dissolved in water-alcohol mixture for receiving glues and varnishes applying in electrical engineering industry, for receiving prosthetic and orthopedic devices, film coverings, for processing of skin and paper.

Properties of Polyamide PA 6/66-4 (OST 2224-438-02099342-93)

Indicator Value
Appearance Granules of cylindrical form,
from uncoloured to cream colour
Melting temperature, °C,
not more
Mass fraction of moisture, %,
not more
Viscosity number of polyamide
in metacresol, cm³/g, not less